Sun Circle Farm is a small family farm run by Anne-Corinne Kell.  I moved to this location and started my farm in 2011 after running Alaska Pacific University's Spring Creek Farm CSA just down the road for 3 years.  The past several years have seen constant steady growth of the farm's size and infrastructure.  From half an acre roughly tilled out of pasture I now have about 2 1/2 acres behind my vegetable bed fence, along with two high tunnels and my original recycled glass greenhouse.  I have added a walk-in cooler, a Farm Stand by the road, a harvest shed that seems to expand every year, a box truck, and an annual proliferation of other less visible tools, improvements and adjustments. 

At Sun Circle Farm we offer a large variety of high-quality fresh produce while pursuing my goal of integrated "deep organic" farm management.  It is my belief that when I view the farm as a whole and focus on putting in place complimentary systems including happy healthy animals and biologically diverse plant rotations I move towards farm-generated fertility and true sustainability. 

In 2017 we received USDA Organic Certification through the Washington Department of Agriculture.

Water Tower 2020.jpg

I couldn't do any of this without my two daughters Trillium and Leila, who have grown up accustomed to a mother who works 80+ hours a week during the farming season and asks way too much of them!  They weed when I beg them to, wash tens of thousands of carrots every summer, and help run my Farm Stand and Farmer's Market booth.  They even occasionally clean the kitchen and force me to come inside and eat.  Or bring food out to me.  They will no doubt move to cities and shudder in horror at my lifestyle when they grow up, but I cherish the rare blessing of being able to share my life's work and day to day existence with my children.  And think of the stories they will be able to tell!

Leila Mint 2020.jpg
Rhubarb harvest 2019.jpg
Trill Lilacs 2019.jpg

Also key to the success of this little farm are my friends, my community, and the wonderful people who work for me every summer.  And keep coming back year after year for more.

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Girls with Giant Daikon 2018.jpg
Harvest shed 2019.JPG

I love farming and take great pride in continuing to learn and  to improve our products in order to bring you the best-tasting and healthiest fresh produce possible.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting small scale sustainable agriculture and my farm.