Where can I pick up my CSA share?

(And other FAQs)

You can pick up your weekly CSA share from one of the following places:

Sun Circle Farm

If you pick up at the Farm, your CSA share will be available on Wednesdays from 4-8m.  Our mid-week Farm Stand will be happening at the same time in case you need any extras!  If you have not picked up your share by 8pm, we will move it into our walk-in cooler for safe keeping.  If you know you are going to be a little late let me know and we will leave your share out under the farm stand roof.


South Anchorage Farmer's Market

If you want your share to be delivered to Anchorage, we will happily harvest it for you on Fridays and bring it to the South Anchorage Market on Saturdays from 9am-2pm.  Any shares not picked up by the end of market will be brought back to the Farm and placed in our walk-in cooler. 

Please be aware that the CSA harvest season might run a little longer than our market season - if we are running low on produce at the end of the summer we will prioritize the CSA!  Likewise, if the season starts very slowly, we will start by harvesting for the CSA.  If this occurs and we are not attending the market on Saturdays, we will have to arrange alternate pick up and delivery options.  In this case you share the responsibility for connecting with us!

Can I change my pick-up location?

Yes, just make sure you let me know several days before so I can plan to harvest your share on the right day.

What if I miss the pick up?

If you do not show up by the time that we are ready to pack up, we will simply bring your share back to our walk-in cooler for safe keeping.  We are happy to arrange for you to come by the Farm to get your share at a later time (please call or text to arrange a time instead of just showing up), but if we have not heard from you 24 hours after your scheduled pick up we will re-purpose your produce.  If you know ahead of time that you can't make your pick-up time, just let us know and your share will go directly into the cooler and avoid sitting out for hours. 

What if I am going to be gone for a week (or more)?

If you are going to be gone, find someone else to pick up your share for the week!  If you truly can't find someone who would enjoy your produce, let us know ahead of time so we don't harvest the vegetables and potentially waste them (though I am very good at finding homes for any surplus produce!).

Can I get a friend to pick up my share?

Yes, of course.  Just let me know!

Any other questions?

Just get in touch and ask me!

(There's a contact form on the home page.)