Hiring and Volunteering

Paid Work

I hire several workers every year for the summer season.  The number will depend on how many returning folks I have!  Duties include the full range of small scale farming work, such as bed preparation, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and washing produce.  Individual schedules can be flexible as long as I get my harvest days staffed.  Specific farm work experience is not necessary, but I strongly prefer someone who has some experience with outdoors physical labor. 


Farming can be hard work while being repetitive and also requires a lot of attention to detail.  Make sure you are comfortable with the thought of weeding for hours or hauling and washing thousands of roots in an afternoon, even in cold or rainy weather! 

I no longer offer internships.  My crew is critical to my success and to my ability to pull this off, and I have come to the conclusion that that relationship deserves paid recompense.  However, I worked with interns for several years and have taught Organic Farming classes.  I love to teach what I know and can talk about farming longer than anyone wants to hear!

Wages start at minimum wage ($10.34 per hour) with more available depending on experience.  Anyone who has worked for me can also attest to the fact that you get to take home as much produce as you can use, and then some!  Teens 16 and older are welcome to apply.


I have welcomed volunteers in the past but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are having to be much more careful about who has access to our farm.  Contact me to ask about the 2021 season!