Pigs!!  (And Pork....)

Pigs are kind of like the bad habit that I just can't quit.  They are smart and social and hilarious and occasionally infuriating.  Over the years I have tried everything from just keeping a couple pigs to help with tilling and fertilizing fallow fields, to selling 8 week old weaners, to raising pigs on pasture for sale "on the hoof."  This past summer I had a boar named Francis (any English history buffs out there?) who did not have much respect for fences.  And four sows who were not supposed to be impregnated when they were.  Which led to four winter litters and a few too many piglets born a little too early for most of the DIY folks I usually sell spring piglets to!  But what's a farmer to do, besides buying ever more straw and pig feed?  And taking the opportunity to finally make the leap into a new porcine venture, of course.  Maybe this will be the year that my eldest daughter doesn't look at me and roll her eyes every time I talk about my pigs.....

My plan this summer, then, is to offer pork to my customers in a few different ways! 


   For those of you who want to raise your own, I do have    

   some piglets for sale now for $175.  They are already

   bigger than I like to sell them, and the price is likely to go

   up as they get bigger. (Most were born late December.)

   For those of you who want ME to raise a pig for you, I

   intend to sell a few half or whole pigs.  I will deliver them to

   be slaughtered and halved, at which time you can either

   pick up your side(s) to butcher yourself, or deliver to a

   butcher of your choice.  I am still working on details, but

   there will likely be the opportunity to have basic

   butchering done when and where they are dispatched. 

   For those of you who just want some pork chops or

   sausage for dinner, I am hoping to have USDA certified

   retail cuts available for sale at our Farm Stands and


If you are interested in any of those options, get in touch with me!  The first of our pork should be available later in June or early July.  Our pigs are raised communally with plenty of space and care.  They will be moved out on pasture once the ground thaws and we can put up mobile fences.  They are fed Alaska Mill and Feed's Pig Grower mix which contains largely Alaskan barley, as well as local hay and all our produce "seconds" and weeds in summer (and potatoes from the "root cellar" in winter).  I will update this site with more details on pricing and ordering once I figure it out.

Please note that our pork will NOT be USDA Organic.  While I would love to offer organic pork, the price of feed is just prohibitive.