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Flower Shares

We are thrilled to offer Flower Shares for the third year in a row!

As farmers we love the flower shares - they are fun and creative and encourage us to grow and plant new varieties of gorgeous flowers.  

Our season will run a minimum of 10 weeks but we will aim for 12 weeks whenever possible.  Start date is highly dependent on weather but is likely to be late June or early July, and run through early September.  You will receive one full bouquet a week and often a second smaller offering (sweet peas, dahlias, a big sunflower, etc...).  Total cost is $250.

Flower pick-up will be at the farm on Tuesday afternoons during our Farmstand, or you can arrange to pick them up during CSA pickup times on Wednesdays. 

To purchase a share either visit our online store or print out the commitment form below and mail it in along with a check.

You can also pay directly with Apple Pay by texting me at 907-707-3123.  Using Apple Pay will not incur any fees for you or Sun Circle Farm. 

Please note that shares purchased online with a credit card are a little more expensive - this is due to the fact that we are charged a percentage of the total to accept a credit card.  If you want to avoid the surcharge, just print the form below and mail us a check or contact me to use Apple Pay!

If you are purchasing a flower share as a present let me know!  We are working on e-cards that you can give now.