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Welcome to our online store!

When purchasing flower shares, please keep in mind that you can still do it the old-fashioned way by downloading the Commitment Form and mailing it in with a check.  If you want to connect with us and pay in cash, we can make that work too! 

You can also pay directly with Apple Pay by texting me at 907-707-3123 or Venmo @Anne-Corinne (Anne-Corinne Kell).  Using Apple Pay or Venmo will not incur any fees for you or Sun Circle Farm. 

If you decide to purchase your share online, click the option below.  You will be redirected to an online form that you must fill out before proceeding to the payment screen.  

THANK YOU for supporting our farm!

2022 Bouquet 1.jpg

Flower Share

PIF - $257

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