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Online Order Form - Flower Shares

By filling out this form you agree to purchase a Flower Share from Sun Circle Farm for the 2023 summer season.

Our season will run a minimum of 10 weeks but we will aim for 12 weeks whenever possible.  Start date is highly dependent on weather but is likely to be late June or early July, and run through early September. 

Flower pick-up will be at the farm on Tuesday afternoons during our Farmstand, or on Saturdays at the South Anchorage Farmer's Market.

By filling out this form and purchasing a share you are agreeing that there are no guarantees in agriculture and sharing any potential risks or shortcomings with us.

If you have any questions, please contact me at, call or text 707-3123, or see our website at

Thank you for supporting our farm!

Please make checks payable to Sun Circle Farm and mail them with your completed agreement to:

Sun Circle Farm

5605 Farm Loop Rd.
Palmer, AK  99645

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